You are sole practitioner or run a small law firm. You know the law and you know how you want to run your business. But they didn’t exactly teach you business in law school, did they? So where do you turn for advice and resources on running a small law firm?

You turn to other attorneys, of course. Enter FindLaw for Legal Professionals.

Overflowing with helpful information, content is written and managed by fellow attorneys. We know what you need to run a better law firm. We at are passionate about the law and excited to provide our legal professional visitors everything they need.

So what all do we have to offer the solo or small law firm lawyer? for Legal Professionals is overflowing with helpful resources for the small firm or solo attorney, like:

  • Law Firm Management Center – Find information on how to start a law firm and new ideas to help optimize the management of your growing law practice. Resources on HR, Finance, Practice Support, How to Start a Firm, and more.
  • Blogs for Legal Professionals – Into legal tech or 5th Circuit news? Solos and small law firm attorneys ravenously eat up FindLaw’s blogs for legal professionals. From Strategist to the U.S. Supreme Court news, we’ve got no less than 19 legal blogs you should be reading every day.
  • Legal Technology Center – Find cost-efficient technology solutions for your law firm that can help increase your firm’s overall efficiency and bottom line.
  • Corporate Counsel Sample Contracts – Use actual corporate contracts from publicly-traded companies, prepared by top U.S. law firms, as samples for any transactional documents you are working on.
  • Case Summaries – Stay current on the case law from your jurisdiction. Each weekday, we summarize and distribute the daily published opinions from courts across the country. Search our case summary archive that goes back to 1999, all at no charge to you.
  • Free Statues and Codes – Sometimes you want to check or quickly cite a statute without logging into Westlaw. If you need a particular statute or just want to quickly scan the CFR or federal code, we have them lined up for you.
  • Newsletters – Prefer to have your legal news served up and delivered directly to your inbox? Our Newsletters hit all the high points and every angle playing out in the news. If it’s of importance to a lawyer (or maybe just funny or interesting) expect our Newsletters to deliver it each day.
  • Market Center – A national and state-by-state directory of legal service providers, such as Expert Witnesses, Court Reporters, Process Servers, ADR Professionals, and Litigation Support services.

So next time you could use some guidance or insightful information on running your practice, be sure to stop by for Legal Professionals. You’ll find everything you need, and then some!

Kevin Ahlvin, Director, Marketing Communications
with Adam Ramirez, FindLaw Audience Team

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