Should lawyers blog? Of course the kind of blogging we are speaking of here does not include a personal blog sharing the world’s best bread recipe, or even the details of how the judge chewed out opposing counsel in front of a full courtroom yesterday. But should lawyers spend the time and money and gain the expertise necessary to make a smart, well-trafficked legal blog part of their law firm marketing plan? You might expect FindLaw, the market leader in legal website creation and marketing, to be a proponent of legal blogging, but you need not take our word for it, the numbers speak for themselves.

At this time, the legal profession has become aware of and even quite savvy regarding online legal marketing and the way it can bring not just more clients to a practice, but bring in the kind of clients that a practice most values. So to keep one step ahead of the pack what should a smart marketing strategy include? Whatever the details of the answer are for any individual practice, the answer should include a blog. For example, even with the increase in blogs, a 2010 article in eMarketer found that by 2014, 60% of those online will read blogs, but only 13% will be writing them. The math clearly shows that those with blogs will wield a significant amount of influence over a huge audience.

Further statistics bear out the effect a blog can have on a law firm marketing strategy. According to Technorati Authority, in 2009, 58% of bloggers became better known in their industry. Another 56% of bloggers established their company as thought leaders. More importantly, 71% of bloggers increased the visibility of their business.

There are additional benefits to blogging that can be tailored specifically to the practice of law. FindLaw has developed its Blog Services to help drive traffic to clients’ FirmSites. This is accomplished by designing a legal blog, its domain and content to focus on the particular kinds of cases and issues that matter most to that firm and its practice.

However, what if this all sounds compelling, but clients just don’t have the time to do it all? FindLaw also provides Blog Content Services to do the work for our clients and provide law firms with the kind of content that keeps their firm “top of mind” and allows lawyers to get on with what they do best: practice law.

— Jim Schonrock, Sr Director, Marketing
with Tanya Roth, FindLaw Audience Team

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