Attorneys are always trying to get their name out to the right kind of clients. What if there was an easier way to naturally build your practice? One way is to use search engine optimization. Search engine optimization, also known as SEO, uses techniques such as developing and analyzing a website’s html code, visible content, and structure in order to help the website appear more prominently in the naturally occurring organic search results of Internet search engines.

It is a technique that FindLaw offers that really brings results to law firms. To help you understand what SEO can do for your firm, we’ve rounded up the top 4 reasons why you should be using FindLaw SEO:

1. It Is Where the Market Is: Studies done by Pew Internet & American Life Project have shown that more than 73 percent of American adults use the Internet. This means your target audience is likely to be online.

2. The Market Uses Search Engines: According to Nielsen/NetRatings, more than 60 million Americans rely on search engines on any given day. There has been a significant increase in Americans who use search engines and a decline in Americans who use traditional print resources such as the Yellow Pages. Why is that? The Internet can be updated constantly and can offer current and timely information. Printed media on the other hand is published only once a year.

These are just 2 reasons that law firms should be using SEO; see all 4 top reasons and learn more about FindLaw SEO services by downloading this free informational PDF. So what are you waiting for? Learn more about FindLaw SEO and find out ways to make your law firm stand out!


James Schonrock, Director, Marketing – Web Solutions
with Minara El-Rahman, FindLaw Portal Team

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