Now social media participation is at an all time high, with 148 million users in 2011 alone. Representing the new “word of mouth” advertising, social media not only gives law firms a chance to network and increase business prospects, but also represents an opportunity to influence or begin conversations about their practice.

Always at the forefront of law and technology, FindLaw’s latest product helps lawyers and law firms use social media to their best business and marketing advantage. The Social Media Advance product, or SMA, was designed with those benefits in mind.

This user-friendly product not only provides the tools necessary to engage in social media conversations across various platforms, but also keeps law firms up to speed on all the best practices related to social media.

Our Social Media Advance product was developed around the three P’s: Presence, Participation and Promotion. Not only does SMA help set up clients with a much-needed presence in the world of social media, but it also guides them through the participation and promotion process in order to ensure that they are making the most of their use of social media.

Not limited to just one platform, SMA enables clients to monitor their Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn accounts from a central location in order to make the most of their activity and time when engaging in social media. FindLaw also provides SMA clients with a robust training program that includes reputation management tools, tips for writing effective twitter posts and how to maintain a social media profile.

Businesses across every sector are capitalizing on social media, shouldn’t you? Whether looking to spread the impact and accessibility of old content, or generate new material, SMA is a product that is tailored for the individual needs of a law firm. Check out our Social Media Advance product and learn all the benefits of participating in social media can bring to your legal practice.

— Jim Schonrock, Senior Director, Marketing
with Laura Strachan, FindLaw Audience Team

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