Everyone wants to rank on the first page of search engine results. Landing on that first-page search engine result is often the key to potential clients finding an attorney, and then hiring that attorney.

So how do you improve your chances of getting on those Page 1 results?

Introducing FindLaw’s Paid Search Advertising.

Paid Search Advertising (PSA), also called pay-per-click advertising, is an excellent way to get your legal website much higher visibility.

PSA is a pay-per-click product that helps law firms expand their business through paid placements on Google. FindLaw handles everything, saving an attorney’s valuable time.

Our FindLaw customers choose their monthly budget, and all campaigns are managed, tracked, and optimized by Google AdWords-certified FindLaw campaign managers. The certification is a not earned lightly. It’s a globally-recognized stamp of approval which showcases knowledge of the latest AdWords tools and best practice techniques.

Clients get a dedicated campaign manager for their ads who manages the customer’s spend and keyword allocation and provides a monthly review, among many other services.

PSA allows law firms to rely on FindLaw for all of their marketing needs. It gives law firms the ability to supplement their current organic marketing programs, test and target potential clients in markets or practice areas that are new to the firm’s focus and market to potential clients when significant events with a law-related event occur.

The benefits of letting FindLaw handle your PSA campaign are many, including:

  • Search engine advertising that effectively reaches prospects in the cities/practice areas the firm serves
  • Placement on Google, the most highly used search engine
  • A simple, turnkey solution that requires minimal work on the part of the customer

FindLaw is helping its customers shoot to the top of Google search results. Our lawyer marketing team has the knowledge and expertise to grow your law firm’s online presence. Contact FindLaw’s expert team today to learn more.

– Eric Reinhard, Product Portfolio Manager
with Adam Ramirez, FindLaw Audience Team

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