Let’s face it — it takes more than just a web presence to stand out among the legal crowd these days. When it comes to grabbing a visitor’s attention, the more interactive your website is the better chance you have of the visitor staying on your page longer, remembering your practice, and hiring you as an attorney when he or she has a legal need.

FindLaw’s FirmSite Animation product is aimed at making your website more interactive and increasing your appeal to website visitors. Interactive slides, themes, pictures and titles on the homepage of your FirmSite will not only engage visitors, but will also provide an additional level of navigation and branding to your page.

Some of the benefits of FirmSite Animation include:

Mobile platform compatibility: More than just making your website interactive to those visitors searching on their computers, animations can also be viewed on all major mobile devices and tablets.

Browser compatibility: Whether using Safari or Chrome, animations can be viewed on all major browsers.

Interactivity: Putting visitors in control of their animation experience, site visitors have the ability to control the slide transitions and choose which slide interests them the most.

Improved search engine optimization: Just like all our website offerings, many of the animation features are also search engine friendly.

FindLaw’s team of top web designers has won countless awards for their work on attorney websites. No matter the size or practice area of your law firm, FindLaw’s team can create an individualized look to meet your needs. If your goal is to grab the visitor’s attention, engage your users and increase your client base, then get in touch with your FindLaw consultant today to learn more about FirmSite Animation.

— Jim Schonrock, Senior Director, Marketing
with Robyn Hagan Cain, FindLaw Audience Team

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