Figuring out what to do when a legal issue arises is not easy. “Can I figure out this problem on my own? Should I hire an attorney?” These are some of the questions that come to mind when faced with possibly going to court. That’s why FindLaw’s free Legal Information Guides are such a great resource.

Our new Legal Guides run the gamut of common, everyday legal problems facing many Americans. From getting a green card, to dealing with a landlord, FindLaw now has 24 FindLaw Legal Guides available for download.

Each guide helps individuals with legal needs get up to speed on an important area of the law and decide if they need an attorney.

The audience has been downloading our new Legal Guides at a fast pace, too. As we keep rolling out newer guides, the rate at which users are downloading them keeps increasing.

We launched the FindLaw Legal Information Guides back in April with titles like “The FindLaw Guide to Getting Child Support Payments,” “The FindLaw Guide to Chapter 7 Bankruptcy” and a host of others.

These FindLaw Legal Guides focus on truly everyday legal issues; the kinds of things most Americans run into sooner or later. Take, for instance, the FindLaw Guide to Getting a Divorce.

Deciding to get a divorce can be difficult – and going through the legal process can, too. That’s why the Getting a Divorce guide walks individuals through the different kinds of divorces (like summary and uncontested divorces) and explains the difference between a fault and a no fault divorce. The PDF guide also directs users to the divorce landing page and asks the always-important question: “Should I Talk to an Attorney?”

When a legal issue comes along — any legal issue — it can be daunting. For most Americans, the first step is to go online in search for help.

And FindLaw, the leading and largest online resource for legal information, is here to provide that help. Like the Getting a Divorce guide, each guide features basic background information and links back to relevant Learn About the Law sections of, as well as the FindLaw Lawyer Directory.

FindLaw is where more than 5 million visitors a month learn about basic legal issues or even more complex ones, through thousands of helpful articles, DIY forms, blogs, news and much more.

FindLaw’s Legal Guides have proven to be a valuable way to give our audience the legal information they crave in just the format they prefer.

— Kevin Ahlvin, Director, Business Marketing Manager
with Adam Ramirez, FindLaw Audience Team

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