We continue our Friday round-up of what is newest, best and brightest at FindLaw.com. Below, you will find this week’s offerings from various areas of FindLaw’s unique content, including: core legal content, blogs, news and case law. Take a look at what’s new:

FindLaw Consumer Blogs:

  • 10 Legal Tips for Small Businesses on Twitter: Wall Street was atwitter this week about a highly anticipated high-tech IPO. As Twitter’s investors are looking to make a profit, so too are the 4.5 million small businesses that have signed up for the social networking service. FindLaw’s Free Enterprise offers 10 tips to capitalize on your Twitter account and avoid costly legal consequences in the process.

  • Legal How-To: Using Text Messages as Evidence: As more Americans embrace smartphones, litigants are tapping into a relatively new form of evidence: text messages. But while texts can be incriminating or help prove your point, getting a court to even consider them can be complicated. FindLaw’s Law and Daily Life explains why.

FindLaw Legal Professional Blogs:

  • Abortion Case Nixed, 9th Already Reversed, Cy Pres Procrastinated: The High Court this week issued a 27-page orders list that dealt with dozens of appeals. What happened to the Oklahoma abortion law case, a qualified immunity appeal from the Ninth Circuit, and a settlement involving a Facebook data-collection program? FindLaw’s U.S. Supreme Court blog offers a concise summary.

Law Firm Management:

  • Unfair Feres Doctrine Bars Wrongful Death Suit for Soldier’s Baby: You may have heard of the “Feres doctrine,” which holds that the government is not liable for injuries to military service members (or even third parties) when those injuries “arise out of or are in the course of activity incident to service.” The rule has come under fire as being unfair, and a recent Ninth Circuit case involving a soldier’s unborn baby demonstrates why. Check out FindLaw’s latest Law Firm Management article for some legal insight.

— Andrew Chow, FindLaw Audience Team

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