We continue our Friday round-up of what is newest, best and brightest at FindLaw.com. Below, you will find this week’s offerings from various areas of FindLaw’s unique content, including: core legal content, blogs, news and case law. This week, the topics on FindLaw are particularly timely, discussing the issues everyone is talking about. Take a look at what’s next:

Legal Blogs

  • Ski Accidents: When to Sue, When Not to Sue: FindLaw’s Injured also takes on an of the moment question: can you sue for a ski accident? Like many other things in legal realm, the answer is “maybe.” Readers can learn more about when and when not to sue for an injury suffered on the slopes.
  • Free Speech: Court Protects Westboro Baptist Church Protests: People are talking about the latest First Amendment decision to be handed down by the Supreme Court. FindLaw’s Decided writes about the case of the Westboro Church and its horrible protests at military funerals. The Court found their actions to be protected by a Constitution designed “to protect even hurtful speech on public issues.”
  • Can I Get Sued Over a Groupon Coupon?: Groupon is all the rage among consumers and some small businesses. But business owners should stop and ask questions like, what might the legal liability be for a Groupon coupon? FindLaw’s Free Enterprise discusses the Illinois federal court case from a plaintiff who bought a gift certificate through Groupon which expired within months, allegedly violating the Credit Card Accountability Responsibility and Disclosure Act.

Case Law

— Compiled by Tanya Roth, FindLaw Portal Team

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