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Legal Blogs

  • How to Avoid a DUI on Prom Night: Prom season is upon us, and that means high school students are most likely going to consume alcohol. FindLaw’s Blotter details a Georgia program that simulates what it’s like to drive drunk, complete with beer goggles and golf carts. Read on for tips on how to help keep your family out of jail after the dancing is over.

  • Top 5 Tax Deductions for 2010 You Might Miss: FindLaw’s Law & Daily Life provides some timely tax tips for that 2010 return that you might otherwise miss.
  • Do ‘Deadbeat’ Dads Have Right to a Free Lawyer?: It’s an unfortunate moniker, as deadbeat parents are at issue, but FindLaw’s Law & Daily Life dissects an important Supreme Court family law case. Are indigent deadbeat parents entitled to free counsel if they face jail time?
  • Supreme Court: Ex-Death Row Inmate Won’t Get $14 Million: FindLaw’s Decided breaks down the ramifications of the the Supreme Court ruling that an exonerated man who spent 14 years on death row did not deserve a $14 million jury award.
    John Thompson had spent 18 years on death row for murder and burglary, when, one month before his execution, exculpatory evidence was discovered proving his innocence.
    The High Court overturned the award, finding that John Thompson failed to prove that the D.A. showed deliberate indifference towards his employees’ training.

Core Content

  • Changing Your Name: Whether it’s for marriage, divorce or other reasons — changing your name is a legal process nonetheless. Learn About The Law walks you through the process of a legal name change.

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