We continue our Friday round-up of what is newest, best and brightest at FindLaw.com. Below, you will find this week’s offerings from various areas of FindLaw’s unique content, including: core legal content, blogs, news and case law. Take a look at what’s new:

Legal Blogs

  • What are Grandparents’ Rights to Visitation?:
    With changing familial structures that involve divorce and remarriage, grandparents are often victims of these changes. Their visitation rights commonly terminated upon a relationship’s demise. Because of the bond between grandparent and grandchild, FindLaw’s Law & Daily Life looks at just what constitutes grandparents’ visitation rights.

  • Background Checks Do’s and Don’t’s: FindLaw’s
    Free Enterprise
    looks at small business background checks, an important hiring tool with a few legal constraints. To help you navigate the world of background checks, here are our top “do’s” and “don’ts.”
  • Match.com Will Screen for Sex Offenders:
    In the face of a lawsuit by a woman who was allegedly raped by her sex offender date, Match.com has vehemently defended its policy of not screening members against the national sex offender registry. FindLaw’s Injured reports that the dating site has now changed its tune, announcing that it will begin screening Match.com members.
  • Retired and Working Again: Social Security Rules: Work and Social Security are not mutually exclusive. FindLaw’s Law & Daily Life shows how for retired people returning to work isn’t always as easy as it sounds. Besides the fact that it’s difficult for older, more-experienced workers to retain jobs, many of them have to consider the intersection of work and Social Security retirement benefits.

Core Content

  • Newly Enhanced Criminal Law Center: Getting caught with a crime is no laughing matter (well…the case about the man charged with barking at a police dog is pretty funny). Should this ever happen to you, FindLaw’s recently enhanced Criminal Law Center is your go-to place to find information on crimes, your rights, and the law. Armed with fresh content and enhanced page offerings, you’ll find information on specific crimes in our updated crimes section, along with definitions, defenses, penalties and sentencing tips.

— Compiled by Adam Ramirez, FindLaw Portal Team

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