We continue our Friday round-up of what is newest, best and brightest at FindLaw.com. Below, you will find this week’s offerings from various areas of FindLaw’s unique content, including: core legal content, Writ legal commentary, blogs, news and case law. Take a look at what’s next:

Consumer Legal Content:

  • Negotiating the Job Offer: Experts say the job market is beginning to turn around. Get prepared to negotiate a job offer with this list of questions from Learn About the Law. A good outcome to a negotiation depends on being ready for anything and LATL can help consumers in all fields be prepared to get the most from their next position.

Legal Commentary:

  • The Catholic League, the American Atheists, and the Spirit of Christmas: Writ contributor and Cardozo Law professor Marci Hamilton invokes the spirit of the season and of the First Amendment in equal measure. Hamilton touches on the debate over atheist v. Catholic billboards and the withdrawal of a controversial piece of art that she argues violates the Constitution.
  • Protection Against Workplace Retaliation: The Supreme Court Hears Argument in Thompson v. North American Stainless, Part One in a Two-Part Series: Writ columnist and Hofstra law professor Joanna Grossman and FindLaw guest columnist and University of Pittsburgh law professor Deborah Brake begin their two part series discussing a case now before the Supreme Court over retaliation on workers who complain of discrimination. It is well settled that companies may not retaliate against complainants, but what happens when they fire the complainant’s fiancée?

FindLaw Blogs:

— Compiled by Tanya Roth, FindLaw Portal Team

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