We continue our Friday round-up of what is newest, best and brightest at FindLaw.com. Below, you will find this week’s offerings from various areas of FindLaw’s unique content, including: core legal content, blogs, news and case law. Take a look at what’s new:

Legal Blogs

  • DNA Collection of Criminal Suspects: FindLaw’s Decided dissects
    the 3rd Circuit’s opinion that green lights DNA collection upon arrest for criminal suspects. Upon arrest, law enforcement officials are free to collect a DNA sample from suspects now. The Court’s ruling comes despite the defendant’s Fourth Amendment objection.
    rulemaking, and accept public comments.

  • What Does Homeowners Insurance Not Cover?: There’s a tendency to focus on the benefits of homeowners insurance without reference to its shortcomings. However, basic homeowners insurance doesn’t offer complete protection of your property, pets, family, and guests, leaving you open to quite a bit of liability. FindLaw’s Common Law breaks down the things that are generally not included in homeowners insurance, possibly requiring you to purchase separate coverage.
  • Workers’ Compensation: How to Handle an Injured Worker: FindLaw’s Free Enterprise speaks directly to the small business owners about legal issues as in: Sometimes an injured worker is just out of your hands. After acquiring emergency care for such an employee, you need to report the injury to your insurance company and the state within a set period of time. But your obligations don’t end here–you may be required to take (or not take) further action under your state’s workers’ compensation laws.

Legal Professional Content

  • How Much Does it Cost to Start Your Own Law Firm? If you are wondering how much it costs to start your own law firm, then you are probably also seriously considering hanging your own shingle. The good news is that in the long-term, your decision to start your own legal practice could be very beneficial. The Law Firm Business Center has all the details you need.

— Compiled by Adam Ramirez, FindLaw Audience Team

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