Welcome to another post from our “Meet the FindLaw Team” series. “Meet the FindLaw Team” provides insight into the day-to-day lives of our colleagues. Today we feature FindLaw SEO Consultant Sarah Cady. Get to know Sarah by reading about her experiences at FindLaw below.

What is your current title?
I am an SEO Consultant on the Agile team within Customer Operations.

When did you join the FindLaw team and how did you get here?
My grandma worked for Thomson Reuters, so I was compelled to stop by the company booth at a local career fair. I started in November 2010 as a contractor in the role of an SEO Associate. It was the first internship program at FindLaw for SEO, so it was a very exciting opportunity to break into the field.

In June 2011, I became a permanent employee on the Initial Fulfillment team, after graduating from St. Kate’s University with a B.A. in communications. Currently, I’m part of the Agile team, which is a highly collaborative group that handles complex and unique projects. Prior to working at FindLaw, I completed various marketing and communication internships with non-profit and for-profit organizations.

What interests you most about lawyer marketing or your functional area?
Every day is a new learning experience. Both SEO and lawyer marketing are always evolving, so I’m constantly challenged to broaden my perspectives and stay on top of the changes. I’ve always been really interested in human nature and psychology, so I enjoy the aspect of my role where I stand in someone else’s shoes for a moment to identify how they would search and assess the user experience. In addition to this, the various facets and nuances of the law are fascinating to me; this combined with my passion for web development and coding keeps me interested.

What activities does your work day typically involve?
My typical work day involves a variety of activities including: consulting with clients regularly regarding their practice and marketing goals; collaborating with team members to discuss projects and address client needs; researching, collecting data and formulating marketing strategies for clients; and lastly, staying involved in the SEO community and researching changes to better serve clients.

What are your interests outside of FindLaw?
I like spending a lot of time outdoors with my family and friends, such as going to my cabin, hiking, fishing and camping. When I can’t get outside in the winter, I’m avidly cheering on the Minnesota Wild NHL team. I also attend countless concerts and music festivals. Most of my free time revolves around discovering new music and supporting the local artist community.

Compiled by Tanya Roth, FindLaw Audience Team

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