Welcome to another post from our “Meet the FindLaw Team” series. “Meet the FindLaw Team” provides insight into the day-to-day lives of our colleagues. Today we feature FindLaw Article Writer III, Liz Tessmer. Get to know Liz by reading about her experiences at FindLaw below.

What is your current title?
I am an Article Writer III.

When did you join the FindLaw team and how did you get here?
I started working for FindLaw in May 2012. Before joining the team, I worked as an Unemployment Law Judge for the state of Minnesota for about four and a half years. I was intrigued by the position at FindLaw because it allowed me to use my legal degree while also providing some degree of creative license.

What interests you most about lawyer marketing or your functional area?
In my position, I get to write creatively about timely and interesting legal topics. I particularly enjoy that I am able to offer valuable information to the public, while also providing our clients with a unique marketing tool.

What activities does your work day typically involve?
As an article writer, I am responsible for researching, writing and editing articles for our clients. Typically, I start the process by looking through the client’s FirmSite to determine a practice area on which to focus my research. After finding one main resource article, I create a topic pitch to send to the client.

Once the client approves the topic (or a certain amount of time has elapsed), I do additional research on the topic, write and edit the article. Article writers are also responsible for publishing articles on the clients’ FirmSites and submitting them for syndication.

What are your interests outside of FindLaw?
Outside of work, I enjoy traveling, playing the piano, reading and swimming (when the weather is warm enough!).

Compiled by Tanya Roth, FindLaw Audience Team

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