Welcome to another post from our “Meet the FindLaw Team” series. “Meet the FindLaw Team” provides insight into the day-to-day lives of our colleagues. Today we feature FindLaw Article Writer Lisa Ohnstad. Get to know Lisa by reading about her experiences at FindLaw below.

What is your current title?
I am an Article Writer III in the Social Content Group.

When did you join the FindLaw team and how did you get here?
I started at FindLaw in July 2010 as a contractor with the Articles Team, which is part of the Social Content Group. I was hired as a permanent employee in April 2011, and have been with the Articles Team working on various products and solutions since then. I heard about the position through a legal staffing agency, and a couple of my law school classmates were already members of the Articles Team at FindLaw.

What interests you most about lawyer marketing or your functional area?
I work with lawyers in solo and small law firms who are often so busy being lawyers they don’t have time for marketing, even though it is essential to their businesses. My work allows me to connect these lawyers with people who need legal services, serving the needs of both the lawyers and the individuals seeking help. I also get to research and write about a variety of legal topics — ranging from family law to maritime law — while keeping up with the latest in online marketing techniques and strategies.

What activities does your work day typically involve?
A typical day centers on writing articles about legal issues for a consumer audience. I perform research to identify article topics that are in line with clients’ online marketing goals, write articles using best practices for online performance and publish them on behalf of our customers. In addition, there is always interaction with customers, team members and other groups in FindLaw to help serve our customers and continue to deliver high-performance solutions.

What are your interests outside of FindLaw?
In the spring, summer and fall, I row competitively with a local rowing club and come in to work after hitting the water at dawn. In the winter season I perform with a salsa dancing team and get a lot more sleep! I also enjoy traveling and attending concerts at local venues.

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