Welcome to another post from our “Meet the FindLaw Team ” series. “Meet the FindLaw Team” provides insight into the day-to-day lives of our colleagues. Today we feature FindLaw Analyst Eric Iverson. Get to know Eric by reading about his experiences at FindLaw below.

What is your current title?
I am an Analyst in Performance Analytics.

When did you join the FindLaw team and how did you get here?
I joined in August 2011. I had worked as a contractor for our Senior Director for Strategic Development and Thought Leadership, Mark Jacobsen, doing CDROM development in the late 1990s. We kept in touch, and a position opened up in FindLaw. I came previously from Internet Broadcasting, a web developer for local TV news stations.

What interests you most about lawyer marketing or your functional area?
What interests me the most is that you get a lot of insights into human behavior just by looking at what people are typing into search engines. It is very interesting to look at aggregate behavior and see what terms cluster together. I find it remarkable what you can learn about the world just through individuals acting together online.

What activities does your work day typically involve?
My typical workday really varies. I am usually extracting actionable insights from large bodies of text. For instance, today I learned about “hypoxic ischemic encephalopathy,” which is a medical condition that is actually an area of practice focus for some attorneys.

What are your interests outside of FindLaw?
I’ve built a genealogy database of my family that keeps me occupied. It combines my interest in database management and in family history. I also listen to a lot of international pop and radio from other countries over the Web.

Compiled by Tanya Roth, FindLaw Audience Team

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