Good News! The most wonderful time of the year means lots of great material that you can and should use on your social media outlets. Halloween, Thanksgiving and the winter holidays represent a great opportunity for you to discuss the legal issues surrounding these holidays and build your social media following in the process.

Whether you are looking to spread holiday cheer by discussing simple general legal suggestions or hoping to dissect more concentrated legal subjects, you should not ignore the chance to contribute a unique legal angle during this time of year.

Here’s a look at how to approach the holidays across various social media channels:


Whatever holiday you and yours are celebrating this season, you should use your blog not only as a chance to wish your readers a happy holiday season, but also to impart some legal knowledge about the holidays. Write a blog looking at the liability associated with decorations and parties, or be creative and make a list of the best legal-themed presents for the season. Use this time as a chance to show your clever and festive side and encourage your readers to share your creative content with others.


Holiday parties often mean drinking. If you specialize in personal injury, criminal law or DUI you should start some Facebook conversations around the increase in accidents and drunk driving incidents following holiday parties. Don’t forget to discuss the legal ramifications of these offenses and, as your gift to your followers, offer suggestions on how to avoid getting into trouble. If you are sending out a holiday card to your clients, consider posting it on your Facebook wall as well.


Starting now, pay attention to the trending topics on Twitter and participate in the holiday-centric conversations by inserting your legal expertise. When it comes to Twitter, users are always looking for information that is relevant and you should anticipate that lots of content and conversations will be centered on holiday topics where you can put a legal twist. Share links to the content you have created and also be sure to interact with other members of the Twitter community about the information they are passing along.

Winter means vacation time for many people. But just because your social readers may not be at the office, does not mean that you should stop posting to your social media outlets. On the contrary, the most effective social media campaigns are those that provide consistent, quality content so plan ahead and make sure to post to your various social media outlets during the holiday season.

Oh, and happy holidays!

Kevin Ahlvin, Director, Business Marketing
with Laura Strachan, FindLaw Audience Team

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