Goodbye 2011, hello 2012! Did you know the New Year marks a great chance to share your legal thoughts and predictions with your friends and followers? We’ve already gone over writing Holiday-centric posts that discuss the legal issues surrounding the end of the year. Another end of the year social media topic to discuss on your blogs, Facebook and Twitter accounts are your end of the year predictions and recaps.

Take to your social media outlets to look back on the major legal happenings in the past year and look forward to what you think the trends will be for the year ahead. Make your content user-friendly and conversational rather than riddled with legal jargon and feel free to touch on legal issues beyond your direct practice area. Here’s a look at how you can approach the end of the year on your blog, Facebook and Twitter.


There are lots of approaches you can take when blogging about the past year: a top 10 countdown of the main legal issues in your practice area for the year, a look at how the legal landscape will change in the year to come, or just a general piece of information about how your readers can approach the new year in a legally sound way. Remember to keep your tone conversational and make sure your content is something readers want to share with their friends and family.


Got a New Year’s resolution? Share it with your Facebook friends! Create a fun social conversation around a legal resolution and invite your users to share their resolutions on your page. This is a great chance to be timely and increase your follower participation with a simple question. It also adds personality to your page.


Kick start 2012 by reaching out to the power users you already follow and striking up a direct conversation with them. Why not direct a Tweet that you think a user would be interested in and, of course, respond to those who are directing Tweets at you. In addition to being a great way to share content, Twitter represents a unique opportunity to reach users you would not necessarily contact by more traditional means. Share your 2012 predictions with others and see if they agree.

We hope you try these tips out and have fun doing it. Our resolution here on the Legal News is News post is to continue providing our readers with tips for creating the best social content possible. Happy New Year!

Kevin Ahlvin, Director, Business Marketing
with Laura Strachan, FindLaw Audience Team

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