Legal professionals are always looking for the next push that sets them apart from the pack, the edge that lets them shine above their competition.

FindLaw already offers attorneys both exposure and consumer trust by becoming part of the FindLaw Lawyer Directory, but the addition of a LawInfo Attorney Directory listing could really separate your practice from the herd.

LawInfo Links Attorneys Since 1994

LawInfo is a recent FindLaw acquisition, and for almost two decades, LawInfo’s Attorney Directory has connected legal professionals with the hundreds of thousands of people who seek legal help on LawInfo each month.

Not only does LawInfo offer its customers exclusivity in each attorneys area code and/or practice area, LawInfo is also the sole provider of legal content to Spanish-language TV juggernaut Univision and its affiliated sites. In addition to traffic directed from FindLaw’s Spanish language content, LawInfo members will get a piece of an enormous Spanish-speaking market, many who lack easy access to an attorney.

With LawInfo’s presence on social media, thousands of focused potential clients will be channeled toward the LawInfo Attorney Directory, leading your next client right your way.

Opportunities That Fit Your Marketing Budget

LawInfo’s Attorney Directory has three tiers of listings, each tailored to practices’ interests in legal marketing as well as their budgets.

  • Featured. Members who purchase a Featured listing will literally rise to the top of the attorney search results, with a personal tagline and, if qualified, a FREE Lead Counsel Rating.
  • Premier. Premier members will appear right below Featured Listings and up to eight are available for each practice area and area code.
  • Preferred. Legal professionals’ listings will appear on the LawInfo Attorney Directory — which receives thousands of visitors per month.

Become the Gold Standard With Lead Counsel Rating

Since 1997, LawInfo has offered eligible attorneys Lead Counsel Ratings, which demonstrate high levels of professionalism and customer service commitments to clients. For attorneys who are approved for this rating, a gold seal displaying the member’s Lead Counsel Rating will appear on the firm or attorney’s LawInfo profile.

This distinction will not only key potential clients in to a standard of excellence and service that they can trust, but also easily distinguish your profile from the competition.

With the number of legal professionals growing every day, LawInfo could be the edge your practice needs to outpace your competition. So even if you are not ready for a listing in the LawInfo Attorney Directory, take a moment to get Lead Counsel rated today!

Still have questions? Visit LawInfo on the Web or call (866) 636-6127.

— Eric Reinhard, Product Portfolio Manager
with Brett Snider, FindLaw Audience Team

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