It seems like Kermit the Frog may have been off base when he said it wasn’t easy being green. Our employees have a variety of different options when it comes to being green within a program called The Green Team. The Green Team’s mission is to help promote and implement specific improvements to help our business and our employees live and operate in a more environmentally sustainable fashion. From tending to an organic community garden on campus, to caring for bluebirds, there are plenty of Green Teams to choose from!

Honey Blake, an Account Manager at FindLaw, shares her experience as a volunteer with two Green Team Initiatives: the Prairie Seed program and the Garden program. Prairie Seed is a Green Team that restores and preserves landscapes in order to create and sustain ecosystems and their diverse communities of plants and wildlife. This particular team devotes its time to removing invasive plants and seeding natural prairie grasses and wildflowers on the Eagan, Minnesota campus.  

The Garden program is a team that is responsible for managing the company’s onsite organic community garden. Members of the team help with planting, weeding, and harvesting in the garden.

Here is Ms. Blake’s account of her time with Prairie Seed and the Garden program:

I started with FindLaw over three years ago and from the very beginning it was apparent that this organization was extremely committed to volunteerism. I have been heavily involved in the Green Team, which has several ongoing initiatives here on the campus of Eagan, MN. 

One of those initiatives is the Prairie Seed Team, which is focused on restoring several acres of our campus back into native prairie land. A second initiative is the Employee Garden Team, which has been using both current produce and our upcoming end of the season garden sale to benefit a local women and children’s shelter. 

Over half a dozen of these types of Green based initiatives are currently underway and the hundreds of volunteer hours have been utilized to make our organization’s goals a reality.

When I am out there working to create a native habitat for insects, birds, and small animals or when I am working in the garden to produce fresh, organic vegetables for the local shelter I am investing my time in something that I am passionate about. 

In the corporate environment it’s refreshing to see a company that has decided to stop simply professing Green and has forged ahead to enable Green through all of the many volunteer opportunities offered here. As an individual I truly value the fact that our business is willing to invest both volunteer time and funds towards significant social issues that reflect our corporate environmental responsibility.

As you can see, it’s easy to be green thanks to community initiatives such as the Green Team. If you are interested in learning more about how to get involved in creating and nurturing a sustainable environment inside and outside of the workplace, make sure to read the Green Team Blog for easy tips on how to be green!

Elizabeth Bank, Director, Human Resources
with Minara El-Rahman, FindLaw Portal Team

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