As attorneys well know, it’s vital to establish and demonstrate expertise in their area of the law.

An immigration lawyer wants to let current and potential clients know he’s on top of all the latest developments in immigration. Same goes for a bankruptcy attorney, who wants to showcase he knows all that is happening with new statutes, rules and filing deadlines.

What is one of the best platforms to showcase practice area expertise? With an informative, frequently-updated blog.

As such, we’re excited to announce a new FindLaw Blog Services product: Post Plus.

Post Plus is a supplement to FindLaw customers’ current blogging efforts by providing posts approximately once every other week. It gives customers a consistent delivery of fresh and relevant, keyword-rich news-based posts. And, perhaps most importantly, it frees up the firm’s time to focus its attention on practicing law.

Make no mistake, more than 70% of businesses that blog report an increase in visibility, reports Technorati Authority.

That’s because a successful blog is more than just a series of posts. A blog capitalizes on the growing importance of social media to help law firms establish expertise, attract valuable cases and increase their overall visibility.

And for lawyers, the benefits are clear. Lawyers who blog about the law can:

  • Establish expertise through fresh and relevant content;
  • Attract high value cases by increasing search engine visibility for the geographic and practice areas most important to them;
  • Broaden their firm’s online footprint, keeping them top-of-mind as consumers conduct legal research.

For more information on blogging at your firm, be sure to get in touch with your FindLaw consultant today.

– Jim Schonrock, Senior Director, Product Management
with Adam Ramirez, FindLaw Audience Team

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