FindLaw Answers offers consumers and legal professionals a forum to discuss a wide range of legal topics, including consumer issues, criminal law, accident liability, and much more. This month, FindLaw Answers launched its share feature, allowing users to share their Answers activity on social media, like Facebook and Twitter.

The new share feature is a great tool for both consumers and legal professionals alike. By sharing their answers on social media, attorneys will be able to gain wider exposure in the legal community while demonstrating their knowledge in a particular area. Consumers, on the other hand, can now share the knowledge they gain with family and friends who may have similar questions.

For Attorneys

The Internet not only provides a wealth of new marketing avenues for firms, but also allows attorneys to directly connect with potential clients. By responding to questions on FindLaw Answers, attorneys can engage people seeking legal help while expanding their presence in the community. Now, Answers’ new share feature will help attorneys take their interactions with users to the next level.

For example, an attorney who specializes in DUI law may answer a user’s question about field sobriety tests in Answers’ DUI forum. Using the new share feature, the attorney can now share that interaction on Facebook and Twitter. As a result, a friend or acquaintance of the attorney may notice the answer in his Facebook feed and remember the attorney in the future when he’s facing a DUI case.

For Consumers

Answers’ new share feature doesn’t only benefit attorneys, but consumers as well. Many of the legal concerns a consumer may have are likely on the minds of his or her friends and family members as well. With the new share feature, users can now spread the knowledge they gain on the site throughout the online community.

For instance, a user may ask a question about her state’s auto lemon law on Answers’ Car Purchases and Repairs forum. When an attorney addresses the question, the user can then use the new share feature to post the answer on Facebook or Twitter. The attorney’s insight may be a big help to friends and family members of the user who are also dealing with a shoddy vehicle.

Take a look at FindLaw Answers to explore the new share feature and get an idea of the breadth of legal topics covered.

— Kevin Ahlvin, Director, Business Marketing
with Corey Licht, FindLaw Audience Team

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