INSIGHT, FindLaw’s Performance Analytics Dashboard, is a
complimentary reporting tool provided by FindLaw to help law firms monitor and measure
their online marketing programs. How important is monitoring online
performance? Very.

Not only does INSIGHT allow law firms to obtain a holistic
view of their online marketing efforts, the online dashboard also provides the ability to monitor internet trends and measure product performance. INSIGHT’s utility is matched by its convenience — with a monthly e mail report showcasing key performance metrics for the most current month, presented in a clear and easy to understand format. The INSIGHT online dashboard is always accessible and provides both summary level and detailed results viewing.

As a trusted leader in Internet marketing, it’s important to
FindLaw that we give our customers the ability to monitor and understand the
effectiveness of their online marketing campaigns first hand. INSIGHT provides
FindLaw’s customers with the tools necessary to see the results of their legal
marketing campaigns and make informed decisions about their online marketing
efforts. Performance metrics highlighted within INSIGHT include: website
traffic and results from advertising on But that’s not all, INSIGHT also includes details about emails and calls from potential clients.

Simply put, putting the power to evaluate key online marketing
components in the hands of our customers is just another way that FindLaw is
helping clients achieve their maximum marketing potential. Going forward,
INSIGHT will help FindLaw customers achieve more with their marketing efforts by
highlighting current patterns as well as new opportunities to better target
potential clients.

— Christine Kane, Manager, Marketing Analytics
with Laura Strachan, FindLaw Audience Team

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