There is no room in SEO for a passive strategy, and firms which remain vigilant with their SEO practices can win the day…and the traffic.

With constant changes to search engine algorithms, it is crucial for your online marketing strategy to have an up-to-date SEO game plan.

In order to keep a vigilant eye on your SEO strategy, consider these key principles:

Understand What Works and What Doesn’t

There are a variety of analytics tools available to legal practitioners to help them turn a jumble of traffic data into a comprehensive narrative. By using these tools to understand how your site fits into your users’ stories, you will be able to better understand your site’s future.

Perhaps your current SEO strategy is funneling traffic from markets that you hadn’t anticipated, or ones that your model isn’t ready to handle. By using these tools, you can see which portions of your site are working to bring you the traffic you want…and which parts aren’t working for you anymore.

Know When Not to Act

It is tempting — especially with immediate access to analytics data — to make major SEO changes on the fly to track with changes in your site’s traffic. Do not give in. Successful online marketing is a marathon, not a sprint, so it pays to keep your strategy consistent.

There are some fundamental principles that can help guide your SEO practices, as well as help you achieve your long term marketing goals. Don’t follow your myopic competitors in changing your SEO strategy with every dip or bump in traffic.

Evaluate and Refine Your Content

Much of your old content is not like a fine wine or expensive cheese — over time users may not find it valuable. In order to keep your content relevant, ensure that the kind of content your site offers is germane to the kind of traffic you’re attracting today.

With new traffic trends, your site’s blog might benefit from a more plain English, conversational style rather than more legal detail.

Remaining vigilant with your SEO practices will give you the edge over your competitors, and keep you on track with your online marketing goals.

— Aaron Hareid, Director, Product Management
with Brett Snider, FindLaw Audience Team

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