is the web’s most visited legal site, with over 4 million visitors each month. One reason for FindLaw’s success may be the broad spectrum of legal assistance, blogs, news and information available to the public. One of the most well respected elements of our legal news and information is the thought provoking legal commentary of Writ.

Since 2000, FindLaw’s Writ has provided daily legal commentary by top legal minds, providing analysis and commentary on current legal issues. Writ contributors include well known legal and political names such as former White House counsel John Dean, Congressmen Bob Barr, Howard Berman and Henry Waxman, as well as legal practitioners, professors who are considered leaders in their fields and several former U.S. Supreme Court clerks. In the areas of Constitutional Law and Civil Rights in particular, Writ is also known as a leader. In 2009, former Writ columnist Edward Lazarus was tapped to be Chief of Staff to Federal Communications Commission Chairman Julius Genachowski. Contributors such as Vikram David Amar and Michael C. Dorf are regularly consulted by major media outlets such as Time, CNN and The New York Times.

FindLaw’s Writ was further acknowledged by the legal community in July of this year. The legal blog Concurring Opinions (covering “the law, the universe and everything”) posted its look at The Influence of Law Blogs (2006-Present). Author Dave Hoffman reviewed the influence of legal blogs on law reviews based on the number of citations the leading legal blogs received in law review articles written since 2006. FindLaw’s Writ was ranked number one (618 citations), far ahead in the numbers over well-known blogs such as second ranked The Volokh Conspiracy (402) and third ranked SCOTUSBlog (305).

Executive Editor Andrew Zangrilli has a few thoughts on why Writ has been so successful. “We’ve worked with many talented writers and editors over the years. Writ content is unique, and it really puts FindLaw in a class of its own. Since its inception, Writ’s mission has been to deliver insightful, and often challenging, legal commentary and analysis. Receiving this special recognition is an honor that validates our founding principles.”

Writ’s ten regular columnists, led by Senior Editor Julie Hilden, analyze current and newsworthy legal topics. Writ’s main focus is on Constitutional Law and related topics such as Civil Rights Law, First Amendment and Privacy Law, Technology Law, and Criminal Law. All of Writ’s publications are, like all FindLaw content, free and easily accessible to all.

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Kevin Ahlvin, Director, Business Marketing
with Tanya Roth, FindLaw Portal Team

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