As you may already know, FindLaw helps attorneys build an online presence by working with them to develop a strong, professional and reliable website to reach out to potential clients. Many areas of expertise are needed to build a site for a firm, including legal marketing knowledge, SEO experience and even video production know-how.

A video on a law firm website can communicate a firm’s or attorney’s personality and expertise in a way no other form of communication can. FindLaw’s video editors understand how to use a video to speak directly to site visitors and bring a firm’s practice to life. The video editors begin by viewing a 20 to 30 minute interview with an attorney. All of this material is used by the editor to make just one minute of video. The extra footage allows the editors to choose only those moments that will give a true picture of the attorney and their work to the viewer.

In order to tell a story that a viewer can connect with, the video editors use both their creative and technical skills. The editors not only review the entire interview to choose which moments tell the story best, but they also use their technical knowledge to ensure that the visual and sound elements of the video are of the highest quality. They then add any graphic images that will enhance the final product. Once the editor has completed his or her work, the video is ready for inclusion on the FirmSite.

When potential clients view a video on a FindLaw FirmSite, they are able to get a sense of the attorney’s personality, which may allow them to feel more comfortable contacting the lawyer, a process which can be intimidating. The FindLaw video editors may have a “behind the scenes” role, but they are clearly a huge part of making our attorney videos, and FirmSites, the picture of success.

— Pat Mathis, Director, Project Management, Video and Subscription Services
with Tanya Roth, FindLaw Portal Team

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