When it comes to providing useful legal news and information for the average, everyday legal consumer, what makes a company stand out? The truly innovative companies are those that continually strive to provide people with legal information in ways that are current, user-friendly and relevant to their needs. With the introduction of hyperlocal legal news blogs, FindLaw is doing just that.

Hyperlocal blogging is one of the freshest, most relevant means of distributing news and information on the web today, and is increasingly being used by major online media outlets.  By offering hyperlocal news blogs, FindLaw is able to serve local legal consumers in a highly personal way that could not be mimicked on a large information portal.

With FindLaw’s existing national blogs and free legal information offerings already produces close to 300 pieces of original content each week, this move to provide useful legal news on the hyperlocal level is a natural progression. FindLaw’s new hyperlocal blogs reach out to a specific metropolitan area, and cover a specific legal issue, in order to help people be better informed about basic local legal news relevant to their areas of interest.

FindLaw currently offers hyperlocal blogs in Los Angeles, Phoenix, Houston, Atlanta, Chicago, New York, Philadelphia and Boston, with plans to move into new metro areas based on consumer demand. Local topics offered include employment law, family law, bankruptcy, criminal law and real estate. Topics are chosen based on local consumer interest, which is in turn gleaned from the behaviors of the 4.8 million monthly visitors to FindLaw.com.

Each of FindLaw’s hyperlocal blogs contains unique content, aggregated from dozens of news and information providers and written fresh each and every business day with local legal consumers in mind. FindLaw’s blog writing team carefully hand selects local news stories, putting forward only the stories that are most important and most relevant to each local area. A team of skilled journalists and licensed attorneys help to aggregate, validate and provide basic legal information related to each news story prior to publication. FindLaw’s blog writing team takes care to produce content that is easy for the consumer to read and understand, and is free of jargon or legalese.

Quickly aggregating and editing hundreds of legal news stories on a daily takes talent and dedication. To meet these demands, FindLaw has put together a diverse writing and editorial staff comprised of highly experienced attorneys and journalists. FindLaw’s blog writing staff collectively has more than 60 years of experience in law and, journalism.

The availability of legal news sources that focus on popular legal topics in specific local areas has always been important to FindLaw readers because laws vary from state to state, and even from city to city. With the introduction of hyperlocal blogs, FindLaw aims to provide useful, current legal news for consumers at the local level on a daily basis.

FindLaw intends for legal consumers to have a useful and reputable source to turn to for local legal news that affects them on a deeper level. This is another way in which FindLaw is living up to its long tradition of providing outstanding, relevant, consumer legal content.

Steve Noel, Vice President Portal & Online Marketing
with Minara El-Rahman, FindLaw Portal Team

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