Not only is December the festive time of year, it is the time of year we look back to see what we have done and look ahead to see what can be accomplished in the coming year. With this in mind, would like to suggest a quick legal check up to end the year on a safe and secure legal note for consumers, for attorneys, or for their clients. FindLaw’s breadth of legal information and resources can make a legal check up quick, easy and less painful than any health check up you have ever had.

FindLaw’s End of the Year Legal Check Up:

  • Estate Planning and Will Check Up: The holidays are a time for family. If your family has increased, or in any way changed in the past year, does your will, trust or other estate planning instrument accurately reflect those changes? The end of the year is the perfect time to use FindLaw to learn about updating a will, reviewing a trust, or to find an estate planning attorney to confirm that you are up to date and your family’s future is assured.
  • Tax Check: Happily, it is not tax time just yet. However, are there spending accounts that must be wrapped up by the end of the year? Would you like to write off any charitable donations you make every year during the holidays? Perhaps your small business is facing new tax implications next year. FindLaw can help get your tax questions organized for the New Year and maybe even make April 14 a bit more painless this year.
  • Child Support Modifications: If your economic situation has changed for the better or for worse this year, it might be a good time to ask a family law expert if you should seek to modify your child support agreement. FindLaw has so much accessible information on legal trends in divorce, child support and custody that no matter what time of year, this is the place to come to make sure your children are taken care of in the best way possible.
  • Party Plans/Consider Driving Laws: As we share our holiday cheer, one legal issue we may want to keep in mind is the law regarding intoxicated driving and the increased presence of sobriety checkpoints this time of year. FindLaw has excellent information on DUI/DWI laws and even suggestions for what individuals can do if they are charged with a DUI.
  • Is your Legal Information at Your Fingertips?: Lastly, as the year draws to a close, are we ready for the challenges ahead in 2011? FindLaw’s readily available legal news, commentary and information can keep consumers informed and ready to address any legal challenge they might face in the upcoming year. Take a moment to see that legal information is at your fingertips. Are you receiving any newsletters that are of interest? Do you have the RSS feeds on your favorite blogs? Did you install the FindLaw Mobile app to keep your legal information as mobile as you are?

Finally, remember that FindLaw is ready to provide the most intelligent legal resources found on the web, all year around. Happy Holidays from the FindLaw Team.

Click here for a PDF of the FindLaw Legal Check Up to give to clients.

— Michelle Croteau, Director, Marketing Communications
with Tanya Roth, FindLaw Portal Team

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