Since 2005, FindLaw has used blogs to bring readers legal information they can use. Since then, as the blogoshpere has grown, so has FindLaw’s use of legal blogs to connect readers with the information they need. At the core of the FindLaw blog network are FindLaw’s 16 national editorial blogs.

Our editorial blogs aim to keep people informed about legal topics affecting their lives. From providing nuts & bolts info to keep readers legally up-to-speed, to analyzing laws that affect us all, to explaining legal issues in and behind the news, our legal blogs share’s common goal — make legal information cogent, relevant and available to our readers nationwide.

The blogs do this in a variety of ways. They explain laws and legal rules; provide updates on important cases, laws and legislation; keep readers abreast of legal news; and make sure readers understand legal questions behind issues of the day. In all of this, the FindLaw blogs seek to bring users timely, intelligent and concise legal information.

We do this through a team of attorneys and journalists. Our blog writers and editors have a combined 60 years worth of legal and journalistic experience. Posts are written by attorneys and journalists, and are edited by another attorney before being published. We choose the topics we cover based on daily tracking of legal issues and news of interest to our national audience.

FindLaw’s Blotter offers fresh and continuing coverage of issues in criminal law. Law and Daily Life gives insights into legal areas likely to touch each of our lives at some point, including employment law, family law, education law, and tax law, amongst others. FindLaw’s Common Law has long helped users keep on top of vital consumer protection issues.

Beyond these, we have nationally oriented blogs addressing the legal needs of: small businesses, those needing to know about injury and tort law, those looking to understand important legal decisions and settlements, and those looking to keep up with the news of the legally weird, to name a few. We also feature the Solicitor, FindLaw’s UK life, family and workplace law blog.

In addition to these consumer facing blogs, FindLaw features blogs aimed at legal professionals — offering tech updates and tips, practice management news and ideas, content geared to in-house lawyers and a blog for those just starting out in the legal profession. has long aimed to bring users useful and important legal information. Today, our editorial blogs do this everyday — keeping an eye on and explaining the legal issues which affect all of us.

Steve Noel, Vice President Portal & Online Marketing
with Caleb Groos, FindLaw Portal Team

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