FindLaw has a wealth of helpful information and resources for every stripe of legal professional.

Whether you run a small law firm, are a BigLaw associate or have hung out your own shingle — we have valuable, free information and resources just for you.

That goes for our corporate counsel audience, too. We are proud to announce that FindLaw’s Corporate Counsel Center has been completely redesigned with all general counsels, across all industries, in mind.

There are now 8 main topic areas that are common to general counsels whether your company produces computer chips or chocolate chips. The Corporate Counsel Center is a one-stop page dedicated specifically for in house counsel.

Perhaps the most noteworthy section for the general counsel is the Sample Business Contracts section. It provides free access to a large updated archive of sample contracts from public companies spanning a wide variety of practice areas.

Working on a contract and want to know how Gap or Exxon handled a similar filing? You can browse contacts by company name (Microsoft, Coca-Cola and Raytheon), type of contract (corporate governance, business formation or finance) or by industry (from technology to telecommunications).

Another vital part of the Corporate Counsel Center is the Law Library, a collection of articles written by legal professionals for businesses about many different areas of law. Generally, the articles in this collection are written by attorneys for attorneys, from a business counseling perspective.

Of course, Intellectual Property is another prominent part of the redesign. Even if you aren’t an IP attorney, an in house counsel needs to know how to protect company’s trademarks, patents, and other valuable intellectual property.

We here at FindLaw are excited for you to get some mileage out of our new Corporate Counsel Center. Go ahead, give it a visit and kick the tires. We think general counsels across all industries will find it extremely helpful.

– Kevin Ahlvin, Director, Business Marketing
with Adam Ramirez, FindLaw Audience Team

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