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But that’s not all. FindLaw offers even more.

FindLaw also offers news releases and surveys to bring its accessible, useful legal information to an even wider audience. In a new release, FindLaw provides timely suggestions for safe, smart summer travel.

Despite gas prices marching toward the $5 mark, the travel industry is predicting that Americans appear ready to travel again this summer. And FindLaw is here to provide useful tips and information to the more than 4 million monthly visitors to its site, as well as readers who find FindLaw news and information via the variety of news outlets that pick up FindLaw’s releases.

Whether you intend to brave the gas pump sticker shock and take a road trip or travel abroad, it’s important to plan ahead. offers a wealth of helpful legal information in order to do just that. Many travelers don’t realize, for instance, that traveling today is often complicated by numerous rules, regulations and laws.

Before crossing the border into Canada, Mexico or another country, suggests that travelers check the laws about entering that country. And even Americans now must present a passport to re-enter the United States (even for a short drive to Canada or Mexico).

Enacted in the name of homeland security, this change in the law has profoundly altered traveling over the U.S.-Canada and U.S.-Mexico borders. For decades, you only needed a current driver’s license to cross the border of our nearest neighbors. No more. A good resource for more information is the U.S. State Department.

To ensure their next trip goes smoothly, consumers should take some extra time to review these tips from to lessen hassles and increase safety and security while traveling.

FindLaw has so many helpful recommendations, from ensuring travelers have the right immigration documents, to up-to-date airport carry-on restrictions. Anyone looking to expand their horizons this summer can come to to get the information they need for a great vacation and find help when little legal issues arise.

— Michelle Croteau, Director, Marketing Communications
with Adam Ramirez, FindLaw Portal Team

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