At the beginning of 2012, the audience team out in California set a goal to gain 100,000 followers across all the social networks by the end of the year. In accomplishing that goal, the team also wanted to make sure that they maintained the same level of fantastic community engagement that all of our networks enjoy. Mission accomplished.

When it comes to social networks, really has something for every audience and interest. social networks include: consumer and legal professional Facebook and Twitter accounts, consumer Google+ page, a LinkedIn account and Scribd page. Our social networks are not only dynamic legal communities but also represent a chance for to interact directly with our users. This interaction gives us a chance to know the legal issues affecting our users the most and provide meaningful interactions.

In addition to the great interactions that take place on our many pages, our social networks provide visitors with important information such as: legal tips, downloadable mini guides on important legal topics, legal analysis of trending news stories and much more.

The Audience team is extremely proud of this accomplishment and looks forward to what 2013 holds for the social network program. The upcoming year should be equally exciting as the Audience team continues to look into growth and engagement opportunities, e-Commerce opportunities on Facebook, more interactions with FindLaw customers and other ideas. If you have not already, take a moment to check out our pages:

– Kevin Ahlvin, Director, Business Marketing
with Laura Strachan, FindLaw Audience Team

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