According to an analysis of FindLaw call data, 18 percent of client calls occur outside of business hours. Seventy percent of callers never leave a message when calls are answered by a voicemail service. (Alex Drumheller, National Account Executive at AnswerNet, 2010.)

So how can you make yourself available to current and prospective clients whenever they need you, while still finding time to live your life?

Enter Voice Connect, a new product within the Conversion Solutions portfolio.

With Voice Connect, attorneys never have to miss a client’s call. Similar to the answering services that doctors use to field patients’ calls outside of business hours, Voice Connect gives prospective clients an opportunity to speak with a live person instead of voicemail.

Attorneys can arrange for Voice Connect’s U.S.-based operators to cover their phones up to 24 hours a day, 365 days a year. Law firms have full control over phone coverage hours and can adjust hours anytime.

What is it that Voice Connect operators do?

At the beginning of a call, an operator will collect key issues and specific caller contact information. If the issue meets your practice criteria, the caller can be transferred to you.

Once the operator’s conversation with the prospective client is complete, your firm will receive a call summary, which can help you manage prospective clients and make better business decisions. All call details and summaries will be available to you through FindLaw Contact Advisor.

As a lawyer, it can be difficult to negotiate a work-life balance, especially when trying to land the best clients to help you grow or sustain your practice. Voice Connect can give you the peace of mind that lets you live your life without worrying about missed calls from qualified contacts.

— Jim Schonrock, Senior Director, Marketing
with Robyn Hagan Cain, FindLaw Audience Team

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