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FindLaw prepares surveys and new releases to bring legal news to an even wider audience. Take our latest release, Two-Thirds of Parents Worried About the Internet and Children’s Safety.

Everyone is on the web now, especially children. And for a majority of American parents, this is a very real fear.

Between cyberbullying and children on Facebook, about 67% of parents are worried about their children’s safety on the Internet, according to our latest survey.

That said, not all parents are concerned.

About 20% of parents surveyed said they were “not very worried,” and 14% of those surveyed said they were “not worried at all.”

Kids and Internet Safety - FindLaw Survey Infographic

Many parents use a variety of parenting tools and tricks to help safeguard their kids. What are some of the most popular methods to control Internet usage?

A number of parents choose to monitor their children’s web browsing. Other parents use site-blocking software, or restrict access to computers and social networks. Some parents take their monitoring a step further by reading their kids’ emails or social posts. About 8% of parents polled said they forbade Internet usage of any kind.

What else can parents do to help keep their kids safe? has plenty of resources to help guide parents. We have content for Kids Online Safety and on whether it is safe to post photos of your kids online. In addition, FindLaw suggests:

  • Parents might want to discuss acceptable Internet usage with kids. For example, explain to your children what sites they should use for online research for school projects.
  • Parents may want to warn children against accepting messages over the Internet from strangers.
  • If computers are located in a child’s room, parents may want to consider moving the computer to a common area for easier monitoring.

Teaching your kids about Internet safety can go a long way.

Since computers and technology devices are now present in most schools and public libraries, barring your kids from browsing the web completely may be very difficult to enforce. Concerned parents may want to start by enforcing computing ground rules at home. Whatever route a parent chooses, FindLaw has the legal information and resources to help parents manage their children’s safety online.

— Michelle Croteau, Director, Marketing Communications
with Adam Ramirez, FindLaw Portal Team

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