is the site that legal consumers and professionals come to for accessible and useful legal information and we work hard to give our visitors the kind of knowledge they can use in their everyday lives. FindLaw also provides useful information in the form of news releases, including our latest release, Tips for Better Remodeling or Landscaping Projects.

Many well-known news organizations look to FindLaw releases to provide their own readers with more legal information than they often have access to. In this release, FindLaw has gathered practical suggestions for homeowners thinking about ways to increase the value of their homes now that spring weather is just around the corner.

Before digging into that landscaping project, or hammering a single nail, FindLaw suggests you make a few plans first. For instance, do a bit of homework and figure out exactly what you want to do, then prepare a budget including the cost of the work, materials and any labor you might hire. That way, you will have an informed opinion when a contractor presents you with a bid. Always get at least three bids for your project to get the best deal possible and to really understand the how much time and money you will spend.

FindLaw also suggests that any contractor you hire be bonded, licensed and insured. Always ask for at least three references and don’t trust a contractor who says you don’t need a permit. As FindLaw notes, a permit from city hall usually represents the minimum construction standard set by a local community and almost always saves time and trouble in the long run.

Finally and most importantly, don’t agree to hire anyone to work on your remodeling, even a family member, based on a handshake. Get a contract and get it in writing. This extra step may save time, legal costs and even a family relationship.

These are just a few of the suggestions from FindLaw for making your home improvement and remodelding project as free of legal hassles as possible. For more tips and further details on the best ways to remodel or landscape your home after winter’s end, click here for more information.

— Michelle Croteau, Director, Marketing Communications
with Tanya Roth, FindLaw Portal Team

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