provides essential legal information for the everyday consumer, but did you know that FindLaw also offers tips and information for legal consumers to the media in news releases? From where consumers choose to live, to how to avoid a holiday DUI, FindLaw provides the information that legal consumers need in order to make an informed decision.

FindLaw’s releases are consumer related articles generated by FindLaw that media outlets can use in order to add high-quality legal content to their news coverage.

Recently, FindLaw released a series of three articles that highlight the legal needs of consumers this holiday season. Some of the topics that were covered in the releases are:

  • Tenant Rights: More and more Americans are opting to rent instead of buy home, but do they know their tenant rights?
  • Preventing A Holiday DUI: Helpful tips and reminders such as having a designated driver during a holiday party.
  • Pet Ownership Responsibilities: What consumers need to know about licensing and local ordinances before they bring Fido home.

The releases were so helpful that news outlets such as The Allentown Morning Call and The St. Paul Pioneer Press supplemented their news coverage with information from FindLaw. The Allentown Morning Call covered tenant rights while The St. Paul Pioneer Press covered how to avoid a holiday DUI.

With its articles and surveys, FindLaw provides useful information to major news organizations by accurately reporting on legal trends, consumer thoughts on those trends, and consumer understanding. FindLaw is the go-to source of information that both news organizations and consumers can rely on when “life gets legal.”

— Michelle Croteau, Director, Marketing Communications
with Minara El-Rahman, FindLaw Portal Team

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