Search engines such as Google have pulled ahead of print yellow pages as the leading source for local business information, including finding an attorney. Do you know how well your website is competing in the legal marketplace? If you don’t, FindLaw is offering a free, newly enhanced website audit that is in line with the latest findings in Internet visibility, just for you.

This website audit will assess many of the elements that your website needs in order to effectively serve as a client development tool. It will help you determine how your solo or small firm is competing in the legal marketplace and identify areas that need improvement. The enhanced audit is tailored specifically for the elements needed by solo or small law firm websites in order to be successful.

The free website audit includes an overall score of your firm’s website, an overview of the audit and its respective sections, and individual explanations of categories. The audit even includes a firm score for each category measured with an explanation of that score. It is a great way to get a thorough analysis and rating of your website. The enhanced audit also includes improved and focused audit criteria as well as expanded audit categories that reflect current industry standards.

So what are you waiting for? If you want to learn more about this free website audit, call (866) 443-4635 to speak with your local FindLaw consultant today.

And while this is a website audit being offered to non-FindLaw customers, FindLaw offers even more sophisticated auditing tools for existing customers that can help them manage their site’s performance as part of the fantastic customer service that FindLaw offers its clients. Make sure to contact your Account Manager if you are interested in learning more.

Edwin Van Riessen, Director, Marketing Programs
with Minara El-Rahman, FindLaw Portal Team

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