There’s a saying: think globally, act locally. Although many people think of this in an environmental context, it is a smart way for business to think as well. Now FindLaw is putting that idea to work with the launch of FindLaw Lawyer Marketing services in Canada and the UK.

FindLaw Lawyer Marketing is a tool that many of the most forward thinking firms in the U.S. have used since 1999. As a FindLaw survey found, 84% of consumers with a legal need who do research, do it online. FindLaw has helped small and medium sized U.S. law firms build their sites and increase their online presence so they can get intelligent information to their potential clients quickly and reliably. The FindLaw Lawyer Marketing Team works to showcase each firm’s practice specialties, their location, and their unique strengths. That is just one way FindLaw’s Lawyer Marketing acts locally.

And now, globally. Firms in Canada and the UK now have access to the same kind of marketing expertise that U.S. legal professionals have used to such an advantage. Since 84% of Canadians use the Internet, the Canadian firms who use FindLaw’s Lawyer Marketing to get clear, concise and useful information to the people who need it will have an opportunity to gain that necessary edge in the globally competitive legal community.

In the UK, the numbers of those using the Web to research solutions to their legal issues are even higher, up to 93%. FindLaw knows their Lawyer Marketing team is up to that challenge. As one UK legal customer put it, “FindLaw understands the legal business. For law firms looking to maximize the return on their internet presence, the importance of that experience and expertise simply cannot be over-stated.” 

Combine that knowledge of the legal business and an ability to understand an individual firm’s needs with the new global reach — and you have FindLaw Lawyer Marketing.

Matt Kreutzmann, Senior Director, Global Operations
with Tanya Roth, FindLaw Portal Team

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