Law schools groom students to apply to firms, rather than hang shingles. Generally, it’s a good plan. Existing firms provide mentorship and name recognition, allowing bright, new lawyers to build a reputation in their communities.

BigLaw, (or even Mid-SizeLaw), however, is not for everyone. Many lawyers toy with the idea of self-employment, but lack the know-how to start their own practices. FindLaw for Legal Professionals fills that knowledge gap.

FindLaw’s Law Firm Management Center is divided into intuitive categories to help practitioners through each phase of SmallLaw life. With categories ranging from “How to Start a Law Firm” to “Financing a Law Firm,” FindLaw helps lawyers navigate the uncharted territory of running a small business.

The Startup Checklist guides practitioners from basic business concerns like office location, furniture, and equipment, to lawyer-specific considerations like malpractice insurance and establishing a conflict check system. For lawyers who are facing hiring and managing a legal staff for the first time, the Human Resources category includes articles about how to hire and retain employees, and information about employee benefits.

The Law Firm Management Center is also useful to lawyers with established practices.

The Practice Guide includes directories for legal support professionals, like expert witnesses, court reporters, process servers, and investigators, as well as articles from fellow legal professionals on topics like time management, tax deductions for pro bono services, and client relations. The Law Marketing section offers information about marketing tools like networking and search engine optimization, in addition to FindLaw’s Lawyer Marketing services.

Lawyers can even turn to FindLaw for Legal Professionals for free, full-text cases and laws from many jurisdictions.

Answering the siren’s song of solo practice doesn’t mean facing the legal world alone. With a wealth of resources, and an extensive network of legal professional contributors, FindLaw’s Law Firm Management Center helps lawyers harness the power of collective knowledge to start and build their own firms.

— Kevin Ahlvin, Director, Business Marketing
with Robyn Hagan Cain, FindLaw Audience Team

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