Paid search advertising (also known to many as PPC for “pay-per click”) represents a great way for our law firm clients to more effectively connect with potential clients online. This highly targeted form of advertising is one of the best ways for clients to be found online and ultimately grow their law practice.

FindLaw is proud to announce that we are taking this service to the next level with our new Google AdWords certification. What this means is that our team of talented campaign managers have passed Google’s rigorous industry-standard certification exams and are now even more skilled in this important type of advertising.

FindLaw’s new Paid Search Advertising product not only helps law firm target clients they might not reach otherwise but also adds these identifiable benefits:

  • Target clients with extreme precision
  • Attract potential clients with customized messages
  • Test new markets for practice areas
  • Market to potential clients when significant events occur

Our Paid Search Advertising product is part of FindLaw’s comprehensive suite of lawyer marketing products designed to give your firm everything it needs to maintain a successful business. In addition to targeted PPC, our team of top-notch search engine marketers can also work with law firms to meet these goals:

  • Develop a cohesive marketing plan to complement existing organic search tactics
  • Choose words and phrases related to the firm’s marketing goals
  • Create the ads and efficiently manage keyword advertising budget

Still need convincing that PPC advertising is right for you? Give your local FindLaw lawyer marketing consultant a call today to discuss our new Paid Search Advertising product as well as all of our other great lawyer marketing product offerings.

— Jim Schonrock, Senior Director, Marketing
with Laura Strachan, FindLaw Audience Team

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