When you are the most-visited legal site on the web, you think about new ways to engage your audience, to go beyond a simple one-way flow of legal information to the consumer. We know that an audience like FindLaw’s has something to contribute. And this month, we are happy to announce our latest community-focused offering, LawBrain.

LawBrain is a legal wiki, a living legal community making laws accessible and interactive. It’s a repository of thousands of articles about legal topics and terms from a fortiori to zoning — and a place where anyone can edit any article.

So far, LawBrain has over four thousand entries, covering legal history, legal terminology, and overviews and discussions of complex legal topic areas. And in addition to reading or editing any one of those articles, LawBrain users can add new ones on any legal topic. The law is constantly changing and being applied in new ways; LawBrain, with its audience-based approach to content, will keep up with those changes.

FindLaw's Law Brain - Legal WikiFor example, LawBrain already has new articles tracking the rapidly-changing state of gay marriage laws across the U.S.; chronicling the rise of the very twenty-first-century phenomenon of “sexting“; and beginning to explain the subprime loan crisis. We look forward to seeing our users fill out these pages with more detail and discussion, and of course we can’t wait to see what new issues they’ll tackle. And we’ve got a few ideas of our own for articles to get started on, too.

And there’s another innovative LawBrain feature: the Opinion tab. We’ve created a place in every LawBrain article for users to discuss the pros and cons of the issues the article presents. Have an opinion on the Supreme Court’s decision in the recent gun-rights case District of Columbia v. Heller? Head over to the Opinion page for the Heller article and say so. The Opinions page is the place to go to discuss what the law is, and what it ought to become. Here we hope to see all our LawBrain users congregate and share their thoughts.

You can see that we’re very excited about LawBrain, and what our user community will do with it. In the coming months we expect LawBrain to change constantly as our users add,  edit, and discuss the content. We’ll be checking back in to watch it happen — we hope you will too.

Steve Noel, Vice President Portal and Online Marketing
with Brian Kumnick, FindLaw Portal Team

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