Although it’s only March, there have already been a lot of exciting new developments at FindLaw. One recent development is our improved presence on YouTube, the second largest search engine after Google.1 In January, FindLaw launched a newly branded YouTube channel in order to enhance FindLaw’s YouTube presence and maximize the availability of our clients’ multimedia information.

The FindLaw YouTube channel continues to connect legal consumers with law firms that can meet their legal needs. Benefits provided by the new YouTube channel enhancements include:

  1. Design improvements allow us to build customer satisfaction among legal consumers and create product brand recognition in the process.
  2. Placing legal videos into playlists allows for easier navigation. This will allow legal consumers to find relevant content by the practice area they need, improving the user experience and increasing user engagement.

Our new branded channel allows us to build engagement and community around our brand by customizing the look and feel of the FindLaw YouTube experience. Another key component of our YouTube re-launch is that we’re focused on driving a consistent and clear message that resonates with legal consumers.

The recent YouTube enhancements create an even stronger presence for FindLaw, which in turn helps our customers’ videos be more visible to legal consumers. The more visible we can make our customers’ legal videos, the more they generate qualified leads. FindLaw’s YouTube channel provides yet another avenue for FindLaw’s clients to interact with legal consumers in an exciting, efficient and relevant manner.

1 comScore 2009

Jim Schonrock, Senior Director, Marketing
with Pierre Zado, FindLaw Portal Team

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