In 2010, it goes without saying that every law firm needs an Internet presence. An effective law firm website can improve a firm’s name recognition, show off its legal expertise, and help convert visitors into clients.

FirmSite websites by FindLaw are designed to accomplish these objectives in a customizable framework that can grow and change with the needs of the firm. More and more often, consumers use the Internet not only to begin their legal research online, but also to find the attorney they end up hiring. FindLaw’s FirmSites leverage our expertise to help drive high quality traffic to the sites of our customers.

There are three different FirmSite solutions, and all start with compelling design and persuasive content that engage consumers. From customizable templates to fully customized page designs, FindLaw sites engage users and convey a firm’s expertise with clean, user-friendly layouts. Want examples of FindLaw’s design skills? Just check out any of the five FirmSites recently recognized by the Webby Awards.

FindLaw also works with FirmSite customers to develop content that establishes their firm as a reliable source for legal information. And FindLaw’s expertise in Search Engine Optimization helps ensure that FirmSites can be easily found by consumers searching for a lawyer online.

Additionally, many FirmSite packages offer extra tools to help firms connect with the consumer audience.  From video, to Flash animation, to blogs, there are numerous ways to enhance both the design and content of any FirmSite. And ongoing activity tracking provides detailed information about traffic and contacts with potential clients, so FirmSite customers can evaluate the success of their online presence.

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Jim Schonrock, Director, Marketing – Web Solutions
with Brian Kumnick, FindLaw Portal Team

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