In May of this year, held a panel discussion for employees featuring three existing customers who have purchased FindLaw’s FirmSite products. In a discussion with the theme of “The FindLaw Customer Experience and Law Firm Marketing Challenges in 2010,” our customers gave valuable information and feedback to FindLaw employees on what works, what doesn’t and what they value about being FindLaw clients.  

Prior to hiring FindLaw, the panelists all knew they needed a new way to market their firms in a manner that would reflect their professionalism and achievements and move beyond mere geography to reach clients whose needs matched their expertise. This, the customers said, is when they learned that a FindLaw designed FirmSite could take them far beyond the more conventional print advertising. One customer noted, a good “ad” can’t make a mediocre lawyer a good lawyer, but it can tell a client how to find a good lawyer.

Once they decided that a website was a good way to market to and connect with current and potential clients, our FindLaw customers needed two things. First, they wanted a website that would really reflect their firm and second, they wanted one they could count on to work. As one panelist said, if the site is down, it doesn’t matter how great it looks. They found both at FindLaw.

Our panelists spoke about how, in addition to bringing clients strong, professional websites that are supported by the tech know-how of the FirmSite team, the FindLaw team responded to them. When they had questions, they got answers. One panelist even said he could well have been charged for the kind of advice given by the FindLaw folks, but it was offered as just a part of the service. In the eyes of all the panelists, it was that willingness to go the extra mile for them, to “take the time to listen to you,” that set FindLaw apart from its competitors.

Of course, there is always room for improvement. The panelists all talked about concerns over whether they might get a more unique product from a smaller producer who wasn’t also working with their own competitors. However, having tried that option, one customer said that as far as he was concerned, the benefits of working with FindLaw outweighed any doubts he may have had in that area.

In the end, it all came down to the FindLaw team’s technological support, legal expertise and responsiveness. And then, there was that small something extra, that belief in their company and their product that set the FindLaw FirmSite team apart from the pack. Of course, these are the same qualities many of our customers possess and that their clients look for. No wonder we are such a good match. 

Michelle Croteau, Director Marketing Communications
with Tanya Roth, FindLaw Portal Team

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