FindLaw Answers is more than a forum for legal discussion: it’s a window into the minds of consumers with legal questions. Each week, while users are helping each other find legal information to address their legal issues, the FindLaw team gets an opportunity to observe what topics people are asking about. It’s a look each week at what topics are foremost in the minds of our consumer audience.

A recent analysis of questions asked on FindLaw Answers over the past eleven months revealed some interesting trends. Of particular interest at first glance is the overall distribution of questions:

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What jumps out most starkly are the four forums that dominate our users’ attention. Over two-thirds of all legal questions asked on Answers fall into the Family Law, Criminal Law, Real Estate, or Employment Law forums.

  • And in Real Estate, landlord-tenant law garners the most questions. The housing crisis has only fueled the popularity of this always-hot topic, with many landlords facing foreclosure, and many former homeowners once again dealing with the rental market.

If you are an attorney or legal professional, stop by Answers and show off your expertise by offering users some pointers on where to find legal information that will help them to better understand their legal issue, or just browse the topic areas to get a feel for what issues are really affecting legal consumers today. If you or a loved one has a pressing legal issue, visit FindLaw Answers today to get helpful information – typically the same day.

Kevin Ahlvin, Director, Business Marketing
with Brian Kumnick, FindLaw Portal Team

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