How many legal questions does the average lawyer — or
law firm — receive in a year? How many of those questions are answered?

In 2012, consumers submitted approximately 15,000 questions to FindLaw
. About 98 percent of those questions received a response.

How did we do it? By turning to the FindLaw community.

Once a question is posted, FindLaw Answers community participants can review the question, and offer suggestions. Thanks to the active community, most questions receive at least one answer within three days; many within 24 hours.

Responding to a question is easy. Many members of the community ask basic legal questions. It only takes a few minutes to provide a consumer with an answer.

But we don’t stop there. When a question pops up in Answers multiple times, we take notice. Our Audience Team frequently uses recurring questions as a starting point for our useful Learn About the Law articles and our informative blog posts.

Learn About the Law offers plain language explanations for the legal issues behind common situations, and provides options — like an attorney directory or do-it-yourself resources — for our consumers. We already have thousands of articles on more than 130 topics, and — thanks to FindLaw Answers — those numbers are growing every day.

Many of our blog posts begin in a similar fashion. With topics ranging from “Top 3 Ways to Fight a Speeding Ticket” to “3 Things You Can’t Include in a Prenup,” our bloggers draw inspiration from the questions that FindLaw visitors are actually asking.

Knowing more about the legal issues our consumers face — and creating content to address those issues — is just one more way that we make the Internet’s best source for legal information.

– Kevin Ahlvin, Director, Business Marketing
with Robyn Hagan Cain, FindLaw Audience Team

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