Consumers turn to, the Internet’s top source for legal information, at the first sign of a problem. For consumers looking for direction on a specific issue, FindLaw Answers offers consumers an interactive platform to find the information or legal representation they need.

Posting a question to the FindLaw Answers community is easy. Consumers start their search on FindLaw Answers by browsing by topic to determine if a previous visitor has received an answer to similar question. Consumers who have unique questions can post new questions.

Next, consumers select the appropriate area of law, (like “Criminal Law” or “Employment Law”), and click the “Post New Question” button, which redirects them to a field where they can explain their question or problem.

Once questions are posted, FindLaw Answers community participants can read the questions, and offer suggestions. Thanks to the active community, most questions receive at least one answer within three days. Spamming and product placement are prohibited, and users can report posts that violate the community guidelines.

Responding to a question is just as easy. Many members of the community ask basic legal questions. It only takes a few minutes to provide a consumer with information to kick-start his or her research.

Attorneys who want to participate can register their free FindLaw Answers profile to link to their law firm website, which expands the firm’s online presence and can generate more paying clients. Frequent contributors create a vibrant online community, so FindLaw Answers rewards the most prolific contributors with special designation badges.

Are you the mayor of your coffee shop on Foursquare? Why not earn a similar online accolade for your legal knowledge? FindLaw Answers offers Contributor, Regular Contributor, and Top Answers Contributor badges to the most frequent responders. Think you have what it takes to join our five Top Answers Contributors who have collectively answered over 100,000 questions? Then start posting responses today.

Kevin Ahlvin, Director, Business Marketing
with Robyn Hagan Cain, FindLaw Audience Team

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