The average person does not have a lawyer on speed dial. Instead, he or she has to search for a local lawyer when a legal problem arises.

These days, that search is often online. According to a TMPDM/comScore local search usage study, 57 percent of people searching locally online contact the businesses they find on the Internet.

For attorneys, a web presence is a critical marketing tool. That’s why attorneys like Rodney Mason and Paul Overson turned to FindLaw’s Lawyer Marketing team for marketing strategies, award-winning websites, and lawyer directory listings.

Rodney Mason has been a FindLaw customer since 2006.
Before establishing his FindLaw website, Mason relied on networking
opportunities to bring in new clients. Now, a prospective client can learn
about Mason’s practice through his website, which means
that Mason can spend more time discussing the client’s specific legal issue
during an initial meeting.

FindLaw has helped Mason land new clients by connecting
him with attorneys who refer clients to him and consumers who are looking for a
probate and business specialist like Mason.

Paul Overson has also seen results from
FindLaw’s marketing services.

In 2003, Overson’s firm had a three-pronged marketing
strategy, which included newspaper advertising, phone book advertising, and
Internet marketing through FindLaw. Overson soon decided to rely exclusively on
FindLaw for the firm’s advertising needs. He estimates that, within six months,
the firm’s business grew by about 40 percent.

Since his firm’s FindLaw website
now yields daily inquiries from prospective clients, Overson says he can spend
less time on marketing and more time helping his clients.

Lawyers use FindLaw Lawyer Marketing because it gets
clients through the door. If you want to learn how FindLaw can help with your
firm’s marketing plan, you can find a local FindLaw consultant here, or call (866)

— Michelle Croteau, Director of Marketing Communications
with Robyn Hagan Cain, FindLaw Audience Team

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