In a time where consumers value feedback from other consumers, small law firms and solo practitioners can benefit from FindLaw’s Client Recommendations.

A free feature from FindLaw, Client Recommendations are attorney approved, client submitted recommendations that are displayed on Attorney Profiles in the FindLaw Lawyer Directory and have a special call out on Lawyer Directory Results Pages and Firm Profiles. It is a great way for lawyers to build a business reputation because internet users are strongly influenced by the opinions of other consumers. Client Recommendations make a significant impact.

Why use FindLaw’s Client Recommendations?

  • They work: Credible, prominently displayed client recommendations double the performance of Lawyer Directory advertisements.
  • You are in control: Since you invite clients to submit recommendations and have the power to approve or reject those submissions, you are in control of the message sent out by these recommendations.
  • It makes an impact: Client recommendations actually help law firms stand out by using client voices to convey excellence.
  • Legal consumers value recommendations: Many potential consumers find the prospect of hiring a lawyer daunting. Client recommendations help ease people’s doubts by answering key questions.

Recommendations are easy to set up, fast, and convenient for you and your clients.

If these sound like compelling reasons for you, and you would like to learn more about FindLaw’s Client Recommendations, make sure to contact an Account Manager at 1-800-455-4565 in order to activate your account for Client Recommendations. Please make sure that you remain compliant with your state’s ethics obligations if you choose to participate.

Colleen Dillon, Senior Director, Marketing
with Minara El-Rahman, FindLaw Portal Team

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